Venetian Plaster

Venetian plastering is a highly specialised form of plaster work which takes lime-based plaster with marble dust and works these materials into a variety of finishes. 

Venetian plaster, or polished plaster, has the ability to be worked to a variety of finishes and is becoming increasingly used as an alternative to marble due to the vast cost differences.  It is also becoming prominent across industry as many commercial companies are seeking to source that unique wall decoration for their business premises.

Plastering (Gypsum)

We are also able to complete all forms of standard plastering including skimming, taping, plaster repair, and complete new installations of gypsum plaster.

With our industry links we can also provide fire retardant, water resistant, and sound dampening solutions to both domestic and commercial end users.

Custom Furniture

Do you have an idea for a unique piece of furniture, or are you just tired of seeing the Billy bookcase in the corner of your living room? If this sounds like you then get in touch with us to see how our carpenter and joiner can help you realise your design ideas.


A particular type of Venetian plaster this product has the unique ability of being waterproof and is often used in bathrooms and entire wet-rooms. Some have even used it to create sinks!

Using a system called wall-to-floor we are able to integrate a highly specific colour scheme into your entire room. We are able to work around existing plumbing installations, or using our directory of suppliers are able to install these for you!

Furniture Painting

Are your cupboards looking a little tired and in need of a refresh, but you don’t have the budget to stretch to a full new set then why not consider painting them! We use products specifically designed for use on cupboards, with a wide range of colours available we are sure that there will be something that complements your style perfectly.

Plaster Casting

Utilising the best casting plaster we can create plaster casts of a variety of forms, whether this be for use as design elements in a wider architectural setting or as wall art - you will be surprised what we can create!