Terms of service

These Terms and Conditions apply to all customers, either current or prospective, of Fi-Ness Interiors Ltd. “We” means Fi-Ness Interiors Ltd.

Venetian Plaster and Micro Cement Service

1. We will supply and install/construct the works that are briefly described in our quotes in accordance within these terms and conditions; which cannot be changed unless both parties agree; in which case, this must be in writing. 

2. Any additional terms, conditions or verbal agreements should also be written down for the sake of clarity and also be signed by both parties.

3. If in the unlikely event that the works will take longer to complete than initially estimated due to unforeseen circumstances; we will give the customer as much notice as possible with a detailed explanation and revised completion date and price if applicable.

4. We shall endeavour to carry out all works and other obligations under this agreement to the highest standards possible, efficiently and resourcefully.

5. When quoting for works we will honour the price listed in the quote for a time detailed within the quote; usually 30 days, after which time the quote is subject to change.

6. During the quoting process a site visit may be undertaken, if any additional work is required above and beyond what the customer initially requested this will be discussed at this time.

7. Once the customer has agreed a price quotation and is prepared to proceed with the works they will be asked to pay a 50% deposit to secure the materials required to complete these works, only once this payment has been received will we consider the order to be approved.

To ensure that we can uphold our Terms and Conditions we require the customer to ensure access to the site and that this access is easily available for us; to enable us to carry out the works by ourselves at times agreed between both parties.

Before the commencement of the works it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all furniture, radiators, curtains, curtain poles, equipment, pictures, ornaments and other sundries have been removed from the agreed works site(s) prior to the works start date. The customer will ensure all electricity supplies are isolated and safe when we arrive. The customer will prevent access to the works site(s) by animals, children and other unauthorised people or any other hazard not under our control. 

Commissions (Home Renovation, Windows and Doors, Furniture Commissions)

In the case of the above commissions the following conditions will apply:

1. An outline quotation will be provided free of charge.  You will be given a time frame in which to decide to proceed with the quotation to the next stage and this will be indicated on the quotation.

2. If you decide to proceed with the commission please follow the instructions given on the outline quotation, this will normally be to contact the team member who sent you the quote to arrange either a home design visit or a telephone call or a Skype call to firm up details and to start the interactive design process.

3.  Upon finalising the design with the team member you will receive a Final Quotation, you will be given a time frame in which to decide to proceed with the order to the next stage and this will be indicated on the quotation.

4. Upon acceptance of the Final Quotation you will be asked to pay up to 50% of the total payment to secure your commission. The amount required will be detailed on the quotation.   You can either choose to pay by Bank Transfer, or you will be directed to a dedicated payment window on the company website.  This payment will be processed by our card processor Stripe.

5. When the commission is complete the team member will send you photographs of the completed piece of work (If appropriate) with a final invoice to pay the remainder of the amount.  Delivery and or shipping will then be arranged.

We aim to make the commissioning process as simple as possible, and so if you have any questions, or wish to alter these terms then please discuss this with the team member you are dealing with.

Debit and Credit Card Security

Our website utilises the latest 128 bit security certified with an independently issued certificate.  When you place an order, you will either be redirected to PayPal where any details you enter are secure and encrypted, or you will enter your details into a secure pop-up window for Stripe.


We promise to repair or replace any defects in the case of the proposed works that are a direct result of poor workmanship for a period of 12 months after the date of completion of the works.

Any defects found within the works must be reported in writing within 5 working days of completion, we will contact you to confirm their arrival upon receipt.  Within reasonable time, an investigation will commence.  Once the cause of any defects has been established and agreed upon by both parties, we shall rectify the situation. However, this warranty does not extend to any defect arising from fair wear and tear, breakages of glass, accidental damage where we are not the direct cause or improper fixing of anything to any installation or construction.  This warranty does not extend to faulty and/or defective materials, in this instance the manufacturer will be contacted by Fi-Ness Interiors staff and we will liaise on the customers behalf.

We will not be liable for any cracks that appear as long as we use tape on all visible cracks before commencement of the agreed works, this occurrence is unavoidable if there is any structural movement present.


Fi-Ness Interiors Limited reserves the right to all content on this website and to that which is provided to customers.